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  • n. Plural form of nightshirt.


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  • The schoolboys jumped out of bed and, just as they were, in short nightshirts, went up to their brother.

    The Schoolmaster

  • Ages 5+ The never-ending deluge of grubby hankies, horrid socks and grimy nightshirts imposed on the seven washerwomen by their skinflint employer pushes them to go on strike.

    Recommended reads: ages 5–7

  • Mr. Sinclair should know that the people, the chronic joiners, the men who march in parades wearing feather duster hats, tripping over tin swords or the hems of nightshirts, will never forgive a man who derides their foolishness.

    Greg Mitchell: Dispatches From Incredible 1934 Campaign: Irving Thalberg's Final 'Attack Ad' Sparks Riots

  • Amid the hoopla, a man proposed to his girlfriend, both wearing nightshirts imprinted with the image of a polka-dot dress and holding cardboard cutouts of Lucy up to their faces in accordance to Guinness' qualifying guidelines.

    "Lucy" look-alikes honor Lucille Ball's 100th birthday

  • Budd specializes not only in made-to-measure cotton button-ups and the oh-so-English washable silk shirt, but also nightshirts, dressing gowns and black-tie trappings.

    Handsome Haberdashery

  • The duo themselves wear vintage jackets and linen nightshirts, suggesting something between the Mad Hatter's tea party and "Pirates of the Caribbean."

    Romancing the Home

  • (I mostly sleep and work out in very large T-shirts, under which I can put a pair of soccer shorts or jeans and call it good, but I have some actual nightshirts, which strike me as not really okay under the circumstances.)

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • Yeah, all you have to do to earn the Nobel Peace Prize is allow a bunch of filthy Muslim extremist wearing dirty nightshirts to slit the throats of the children of the United States and you are a candidate.

    Aurora Alderman Says Dog Park is Taxpayer Priority During Fiscal Pressure

  • Those he defeated have become Napoleons, Walter Brennans in skimpy nightshirts, wandering the landscape and proclaiming themselves emperors.

    Boehner-McConnell: The Movie

  • So, if you can defend yourself, you should not be allowed to defend yourself lest you destabilise others and endanger the common good - which is, oddly enough, not the common good at all, but the furtherance of an aggressive army jammed with aggressive, inadequate men in nightshirts who haven't managed to get a foothold on life.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?


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