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  • n. Plural form of niglet.


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  • A monkey, King Kong's baby sister, and their niglets. News

  • Those two niglets surrendered and then they were given a cap in the arse.

    propaganda press! freedom in Guyana

  • the liberals come running to help the poor opressed little bus niglets. you libs are right- the poor negroes cannot get by without your help. they just are not smart enough to help themselves. you libs are the heroes of the negroes.

    Think Progress » Nine African-American students

  • Now please go and get your tubes tied, you disgusting FAT sow, before you end up shitting out a litter of stupid ugly retarded FAT stinking shit-skinned burr-headed niglets.

    The Superficial - Because You're Ugly

  • Not to say Artest's kids weren't already fucked, but if Daddy was watching Woods 'every move, them little niglets are extra fucked.


  • John McCain's Fireside Chat | Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site It's In The Wrist, Doll: Incoherent marble-mouth niglets?



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