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  • Impure: applied in Japanese to certain sounds (g, z. j, d, b, and p) which are substituted in certain circumstances for the pure sounds k, s, sh (or ch), t, h, or f.
  • n. The substitution of an impure consonantal sound for a pure one when it begins the second part of a compound, or the second part of a plural expression formed by reduplication, as in kami-dana (which see) for kami-tana, ‘god-shelf’; kawa-guchi for kawa-kuchi, ‘river-mouth’; ban-zai (which see) for ban-sai, ‘ten thousand years’; kanagawa for kana-kawa (name of the prefecture in which Yokohama is situated); hito-bito, ‘men,’ for hito-hito, from hito, ‘man,’ etc.
  • n. In Japanese writing and printing, the mark (earlier ), placed at the right of a pure consonant to show that it has become impure.


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  • And though it isn't a pairing per se, let me suggest that you finish off your meal will a deliciously sweet and dessert-like unfiltered sake, what is called "nigori-zake."

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  • You might enjoy the extemely sweet, unfiltered sake clouded with rice dregs called nigori sake.

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  • The Peach Nympho and the Sweet Leilani are both made with peach juice and nigori sake, an unfiltered sake that is cloudy and usually sweeter than the clear sakes.

    Archive 2005-05-01

  • We decide we're going to start and finish with nigori - I would grade the sake selection as acceptable - more "World Market" than "Kroger" but still not stunning. stories

  • We've ordered more sake and I need to remind the server that we need new glasses since we didn't want to keep using the ones with sediment from the nigori. stories

  • The nigori grade best complements dessert, and Sushi Wabi's brand of this unfiltered milky-colored variety, Nikko, has a tart flavor that Hepler says goes well with green tea or sweet red-bean ice cream.

    Chicago Reader

  • The brief and inexpensive wine list is supplemented with beer and an interesting menu of nigori cocktails, as well as a dozen or so largely satisfying noshes: filled-to-bursting spring rolls with coconut-peanut dipping sauce; a platter of artisan cheeses with fresh fruit and baguette; sandwiches of roasted turkey and ripe avocado on warm focaccia; homey slabs of ciabatta pizza topped with mozzarella, roasted peppers, and eggplant.


  • creamy, dreamy sweet nigori sake is beef lighter than risotto?

    Archive 2006-03-01


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