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  • In the Jungian archetypal schema the nigredo is the Shadow; albedo refers to the anima/animus (contrasexual soul images); citrinitas is the Wise old man (or woman) archetype; and rubedo is the Self archetype, which has achieved wholeness.

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  • Being in the nigredo is a kind of fermentation, a purification.

    Collage: Neck Deep in the Nigredo

  • Just as the integration of shadow elements into consciousness is the first step toward individuation, working with the nigredo is the first step in the psycho-spiritual transformation of physical lead into spiritual gold.

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  • The wide and complicated web of schools taught the various aspects of alchemy, involving the philosophy of its Magnum Opus (The Great Work) that consisted of: "nigredo" (or putrefactio), the blackening (or putrefaction) - referring to individuation, purification, burning impurity; "albedo", whitening - meaning enlightenment or becoming spiritual, and "rubedo", the reddening - namely the unity of man with god, merging of the limited into the unlimited.

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  • The other three alchemical stages were nigredo (blackness), albedo (whiteness), and rubedo (redness).

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  • Crows are often pictured in images of the nigredo.

    Collage: Neck Deep in the Nigredo

  • In the glaring light of love, the nigredo can be purified.

    Collage: Blurring the Line Between Memory and Nightmare, V

  • This is the shadow stuff that Jung talked about as the alchemical nigredo:

    Collage: Neck Deep in the Nigredo

  • The process, according to Jung, usually begins at the nigredo stage, which is characterized by self-reflection and a state of dissolution.

    Collage: Neck Deep in the Nigredo

  • But after having coffee with my friend Susie this morning, I realized that I am neck deep in the alchemical process of the nigredo.

    Collage: Neck Deep in the Nigredo


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