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  • n. Plural form of nihilist.


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  • Michael Madsen, the director of Into Eternity, elucidated this dilemma in irrefutably simple terms which give the lie to the claims and denials made by what I called "nihilists masquerading as realists" -- about the viability and inherent danger of nuclear energy.

    Michael Vazquez: No Nukes Now? A Lesson From Japan and Questions About the Security of Japan's Nuclear Waste

  • We also know the nihilists from the Coen brothers’ cult classic “The Big Lebowski.”

    Top 10 Rock Star Cameos in Movies » Scene-Stealers

  • "The utter dismemberment and destruction of an organization of anarchists known as nihilists against whom I have already been twice pitted, and both times successfully."

    Princess Zara

  • The west-side anarchists are in 70s-punk costumes, and to the extent that they have discernible politics, many of them would be more fairly described as nihilists.

    NY Daily News

  • The group, he added, were "nihilists" who couldn't be brought to the negotiating table.

    Reports Depict Pakistani Ex-Spy as Taliban Link

  • Do you really think that they deicded to nominate some kind of nihilists with contempt for the law itself?

    Gay marriage is for keeps in MA | Jewschool

  • His mistake lay in not recognizing in the new type of men depicted under the character of Bazároff enthusiasts endowed with all the merits and defects of people of that sort; but on the contrary, they impressed him as skeptics, rejecters of all conventions, and he christened them with the name of "nihilists," which was the cause of the whole uproar, as he himself admitted.

    A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections

  • Herzen realized that the criticism and abuse showered upon him as an obsolete aristocratic dilettante by these "nihilists" (as they came to be called after Turgenev's novel Fathers and Sons, in which this conflict is vividly presented for the first time) was not altogether different from the disdain that he had himself felt in his own youth for the aristocratic and ineffective reformers of Alexander I's reign; but this did not make his position easier to bear.

    The Great Amateur

  • And they mislabel liberals as "moral relativists" and as "nihilists" to draw attention away from their own failures to address the pursuit of unrestrained economic self-interest. "

    Christians Rebuke Dr. Dobson

  • Knife "(in the middle of the '70's), a mad production, wherein revolutionists (or" nihilists, "as they were then generally called) were represented as condensed incarnations of the seven deadly sins.

    A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections


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