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  • n. Plural form of nincompoop.


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  • So which group of nincompoops is making threats against elected officials and since today is Friday, the fourth day, what are they planning to do to remove the governors? frank

    Extremist group demands governors resign

  • That it has upset people and left them thinking of Labour as a bunch of utterly incompetent nincompoops is evident from every ‘Comment’ column on the web you care to visit.

    McBlackadder The Dancing Bear

  • They haven't banned "nincompoops" - but that's what they are.


  • You are a bunch of incompetent nincompoops, which is why I have been riding my motorbike for the last 8 years.

    Bloody Tube Swearbloggery

  • There were actually 60 MILLION "nincompoops" (according to your definition) who voted for her last time around. sharper

    Romney PAC raises $1.6M in six months

  • So, by collecting new intelligence and placing it under more intense scrutiny, and, one hears, by threatening to release this report if the White House continued to suppress it, these same intelligence experts suddenly become incompetents and "nincompoops" pursuing, according to Professor Dershowitz, some nefarious agenda of their own.

    Gary Hart: The NIE Iran Report and Alan Dershowitz

  • One piece, which criticizes the board's stand on evolution, calls the board members "nincompoops" and claims that they are "lead (ing) our schools to the stone age."

    The Newton Kansan Home RSS

  • "We have a lot of economic 'nincompoops' in Washington ... and the bottom line on tax cuts is that it's economic insanity to let those tax cuts expire.

    The Journal

  • Do not listen to nincompoops talking out of their asses about how Palestine was “empty” and relying on Mark Twain for evidence.

    Matthew Yglesias » Gaza and Just War

  • This is just another turd on the pile for these gop nincompoops.

    Think Progress » Republicans Block Votes On 97 Federal Nominees In A Single Day


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