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  • n. A form of pool in which players must hit with the cue ball the object ball with the lowest numerical value, but may legally pot any ball apart from the white; whichever player pots the nine ball wins the game.


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Nine colored balls are used, in addition to the cue ball.


  • Too often it's like playing nine-ball and effortlessly sinking the first seven, only for your opponent to nail the final two.

    The Magical Mystery Behind Manchester's London Double

  • He shot a good stick, mostly nine-ball and one-pocket, the money games back then.

    Stevie Wonder

  • We got to be friends over bad Buffalo wings and worse nine-ball.

    The Hanging Tree

  • When the shadow is fully over the yardarm – sometime between 4 a 6 – the visitors are welcome to join me on the roof patio; try to beat me at a game of nine-ball; share a cocktail or two and watch the sunset.

    36 Hours in Your Part of Mexico

  • In this game of nine-ball, were number three, blue, pristine, and bursting with life, and our satellites are imperfections in the felt.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Arch walks over to the pool table and racks up a game of nine-ball.

    Occupational Hazards

  • Back at the hotel, I hung out in the hospitality suite for awhile, where I lost a game of nine-ball to Liza Groen Trombi.

    Nebula Awards Weekend: Thursday

  • The first event consisted of nine-ball bank games, in which the object ball must hit at least one cushion before being pocketed; the second of one-pocket games, in which each player picks a corner pocket and must deposit all his balls in that pocket; and the third of nine-ball games, in which the balls must be shot in order, 1 to 9, with the last being the money ball.

    The Magician

  • A year before that match, in Reno, Nevada, Reyes beat Strickland in a nine-ball game with what has become known as "the Shot."

    The Magician

  • A thirty-five-year-old from Germany, he was the 1996 World Pool Association world nine-ball champion.

    The Magician


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