from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having nine lives, as the cat is humorously said to have; hence, not easy to kill; escaping great perils or surviving grave wounds or hurts: as, a reckless nine-lived fellow.


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  • Though he could not drown, and was nine-lived in addition, he was suffering all the agonies of half-drowning.

    Chapter 21

  • This nine-lived notion of male supremacy in inheritance was rather reinforced than removed by the breeding of domestic animals in the still more recent past.

    Taboo and Genetics A Study of the Biological, Sociological and Psychological Foundation of the Family

  • She had a constitution like a nine-lived cat, and her active outdoor life kept her blood in perfect condition, and it was not long before she began to get the upper hand of the fever.

    The Camp Fire Girls in the Maine Woods Or, The Winnebagos Go Camping

  • Though he could not drown, and was nine-lived in addition, he was suffering all the agonies of half - drowning.

    Chapter 21

  • Oh! a subtle captain, whose very strangeness was his best lieutenant upon that eldritch, nine-lived ship, through days and days of monstrous luck.

    Sir Mortimer

  • Bordeaux (not a few Americans ignominiously scampered off to England) and did not return for three weeks or more; during which time those brave enough to remain did ten times as much work as should be expected even of the nine-lived female.

    The Living Present

  • It was one of the astonishing examples not only of the grim courage of women under pressure but of that nine-lived endowment of the female in which the male never can bring himself to believe save only when confronted by practical demonstration.

    The Living Present

  • But like the nine-lived feline variety of 'Cat, Hartline is back again, and his experience gives him a leg up in the competition. >


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