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  • n. The ordinal form of the number ninety-nine, describing a person or thing in position number 99 of a sequence.
  • n. One of ninety-nine equal parts of a whole.


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  • I live in an apartment on the ninety-ninth floor of my block

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  • People in the ninety-fifth to the ninety-ninth percentiles of income have represented a fairly constant share of the national income for twenty-five years now.

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  • The question became insistent almost as soon as he entered the US Senate in 2005, though he was then only ninety-ninth in seniority.

    David Remnick's 'The Bridge' Delves Deep Into Barack Obama's Presidency (New York Review)

  • In March 2010, Ida Ruth Hayes Greene, of New Jersey, earned her high school diploma, one month shy of her ninety-ninth birthday, making her the oldest citizen of the state ever to complete the degree.

    Shock of Gray

  • He gave a wan smile that even in his muted state managed to score in the ninety-ninth percentile of Stunning.

    Bring On the Night

  • Years later, when his intelligence was finally tested correctly, using an adapted computer, Jesse scored in the ninety-ninth percentile.

    Knowing Jesse

  • On the other end of the curve, my vocabulary and reading comprehension are in the ninety-ninth percentile.

    The Blessing of a B Minus

  • Manager Strauss runs a group of Monitors on the ninety-ninth floor.


  • Today would have been hot-headed Ruby's ninety-ninth birthday.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • Bing died in Paris on March 10, 1998, just before her ninety-ninth birthday.

    Ilse Bing.


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