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  • n. Plural form of ninja.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ninja.


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  • Ummm … were those guys ninjas from a Bruce Lee movie in street clothes?


  • The black-clad, katana-wielding ninjas of lore were borne of civil wars and shady dealings, employed by feudal warlords to spy on, sabotage, and kill their enemies; in short, ninjas were the bad-asses of ancient Japan. Movie Blog

  • More than 30 of the armed special forces - known as the 'ninjas' - have occupied the building since taking it over on Monday.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Writing an adroit novel is a challenge any time, but especially if you’re going to throw in ninjas and mime troupes.

    Book Review: The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway « A Progressive on the Prairie

  • For instance, the narrator's sensei (master of the 'Voiceless Dragon' fighting style) has an awesomely entertaining fight sequence against a bunch of assassin ninjas.

    Why I Stopped Reading: The Gone Away World

  • Have a great week, and go forth and conquer, word ninjas!

    2010 March «

  • It's quite possible after that the ninjas were the ones who were transformed into rum-vamps, but they're so adept at epic stealth that their verse appears to be missing from the song which is a cycle, as the last verse links to the first.

    Making Light: Rowling's being sued for plagiarism again

  • Those who take particular and malevolent delight in ambush via email, to the extent that they engage in user group assaults, are known as ninjas and trolls - a fitting description. - Home Page

  • Indonesian death squads referred to as ninjas terrorised villagers and reports of masked ninjas committing crimes have persisted since formal independence in 2002. : Breaking News

  • What's intriguing about Nabari no Ou is that it does a good job of modernizing the idea of ninjas, or what's left of the, and putting them in a proper setting.

    Mania News Feed


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