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  • n. any amine having a nitro group substituted for a hydrogen atom; an amide of nitric acid R-NH-NO2

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In organic chemistry, the class-name applied to compounds prepared by the action of nitric acid on the amido derivatives of primary amines. They contain the univalent radical R, where R is a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, such as methyl. In the former case the hydrogen is replaceable by metals. Sometimes called nitro-amines.

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  • n. a yellow crystalline explosive solid that is used in detonators


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  • It has a flight speed of 230 metres per second, is armed with a 8kg tandem shaped-charge warhead, has a rocket motor using nitramine-based smokeless extruded double band sustainer propellant, has a single-shot hit probability of 0.77 and a CEP of 0.9 metres, and has a 10-year maintenance-free shelf-life. - Business News


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