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  • n. The N-oxide of an imine


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  • It appears that the nitrone spin traps are efficacious in preventing precancers and cancers in the liver of animal models.

    Forever Young

  • When the scientists administered nitrone spin traps to stroke patients, they noticed a significant decrease in the incidence of such problems as paralysis and loss of speech.

    Forever Young

  • As for cinnamic aldehyde, the curcuminoids, and the nitroalkenes, I believe the anticancer activity and other therapeutic benefits of a nitrone spin trap results from the fact that it is a mild electrophile and a Michael acceptor pharmacophore.

    Forever Young

  • In looking at the molecular structure of the PBN nitrone spin traps, I recognized a familiar structure, one that is seen in the Michael acceptor pharmacophores in cinnamic aldehyde, the curcuminoids found in turmeric, and the nitroalkenes described earlier in this chapter.

    Forever Young

  • One of the persistent themes in Dr. Floyd’s journal articles is the unknown mechanism of action of the nitrone spin traps.

    Forever Young

  • When I presented this nitrone spin trap mechanism of action hypothesis to Dr. Floyd, he wasn’t quite convinced, but I believe that he and his colleagues are seriously considering this explanation.

    Forever Young

  • (first oxidation to the N - hydroxy amine and then to the corresponding nitrone [2]) [2] S tamoxifen + NADPH + O2

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