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  • n. The nitroso derivative of urea NH2-CONH-N=O, or any of its derivatives, many of which are pharmaceuticals


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  • A recent paper by Cave and Jurkowski (6) also showed that when the polyunsaturated lipid content (com oil) of the diet fell below 3% there was a decrease in tumor incidence in rats treated with W-methyl-W-nitrosourea.

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  • The study cohort was divided into 2 groups, those with and without receiving post-radiotherapy adjuvant chemotherapy such as temozolomide or nitrosourea-based chemotherapy.

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  • Wild-type parasites were treated with the chemical mutagen N-ethyl N-nitrosourea to generate a library of parasites harboring different point mutations.

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  • Chemical mutagenesis of RH parasites was done using the standard protocol with N-ethyl N-nitrosourea (ENU; 75 µg ml − 1) at 37°C for 1 h

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  • Olney noticed that DKP, when nitrosated in the gut, produced a compound that was similar to N-nitrosourea, a powerful brain tumor causing chemical.

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