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  • n. A gas, a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, used in diving instead of air and having a lower nitrogen content than air.


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nitr(ogen) + ox(ygen)


  • And if you get really good, you get nitrox and you feel better when you get to the top.

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  • You've got our tried and tested semi-closed rebreathers, with an oxygen-nitrox mix configured to give you maximum endurance at that depth.

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  • But the nitrox fraction is small, and that shouldn't happen till you're out of the berg again.

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  • He grasped the umbilical hose with his right hand and with his other hand closed the nitrox port on his helmet, his body wedged awkwardly on his elbows against the wall of the tunnel and pressed up against Costas.

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  • Twisting down the centre was the battery cable and the umbilical bringing in their nitrox and sucking out their exhaust, their lifeline to the world outside.

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  • Simultaneously the two men pulled the nitrox hoses from their helmets and dropped them to the floor of the tunnel, and Costas released the power cable he had been holding.

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  • We'll be hooked up to two hoses, one bringing us the nitrox and the other extracting the exhaust and venting it outside the berg.

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  • Compressed nitrox hisses overhead, blowing seawater back to the abyss.


  • The seven-night deal includes: accommodations; round-trip airport transfers; five days of two-tank diving; complimentary Jellyfish Lake snorkel; complimentary third dive at Chandelier Cave; hotel transfers; lunch and refreshments each dive day; a professional guide, tanks and weights; free nitrox up to 36 per cent with proof of certification; and unlimited diving at Sam's Macro Wall.

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  • But I also live right by a port, but with no nitrox suppliers (well, none that I would use ... long story).



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