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  • More About: nivea, nivea mens cool body wash, readers, menthol, menthol warning

    Don't Use Nivea Men's "Cool" Body Wash On Your Junk - The Consumerist

  • Some species characteristic of Marielandia are: southern fulmar (Fulmaras glacialoides); southern giant fulmar (Macronectes giganteus); cape pigeon (Daption capense); snow petrel (Pagodroma nivea);

    Antarctic Peninsula

  • That same day he covered the back of the front door with half a tub of sudocrem and spread an entire tub of nivea cream over himself whilst still in his pyjamas.

    tequilamonky Diary Entry

  • Cellulite facts #3 – There are some effective cellulite products like nivea goodbye cellulite cream and Dr. Murad's cellulite solution set.

    How to Lose Cellulite ��� Important Facts and Treatments

  • Several colorful species thrive here owing to low competition: white-flowered snow whitlowgrass Draba nivalis, diapensia Diapensia lapponica, yellow-flowered Arctic poppy Papaver radicatum, snow cinquefoil Potentilla nivea and the grass-like northern wood-rush Luzula confusa.

    Ilulissat Icefjord, Denmark-Greenland

  • Among the reptilian predators are the boomslang (Dispholidus typus typus), Cape cobra (Naja nivea), puff adder (Bitis arietans), and rock monitor (Varanus exanthematicus albigularis), as well as geckos, lizards, and skinks.

    Kalahari xeric savanna

  • Nivea, nivea, niveaaaaah, from your fingers to your toes, you've got just one pair of permanent clothes, but with a little daily care, daily care, it will last for years of wear, years of wear.

    Bat Mitzvah

  • Zhang went on to discuss distribution of Boehmeria nivea and citrus trees in the 13th century based on taxation information, showing that distribution in the mid-13th century was north of that in the Tang Dynasty and even further north than the present limit.

    Crowley on Zhu [1973] « Climate Audit

  • Pinku-'ouais ouais j'arrive j'me mets du nivea baby '

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • Je crois qu'faut vraiment qu'j'aille voir un dermato parce que ma peau devient de plus en plus fragile ... ben j'ai mis mes doigts sous l'eau froide apres j'ai passé du nivea baby c tres viril ca du nivea baby.

    pinku-tk Diary Entry


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