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  • noun Same as nix, 2.

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  • noun Alternative spelling of nixie. (female water-elf)


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  • Oh, you can't tell me anything about politics, and if I could see Dewey I would tell him to say nothing but 'nixy' to every proposition to mix him up.

    Peck's Uncle Ike and The Red Headed Boy 1899

  • GEORDI is a Palm app that makes life easier for "nomadic sysdamins" -- if you have a PalmOS device with an Internet connection, GEORDI will login to your machine over ssh, then present a GUI to top, ps, df, du, mount, unmount and other hunks of * nixy goodness.

    Boing Boing: February 10, 2002 - February 16, 2002 Archives

  • But all the same he did not enjoy his good fortune, for he could not forget his compact with the nixy, and he knew that sooner or later she would demand his fulfilment of it.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • Then the nixy spoke comforting words to him, and promised that she would make him richer and more prosperous than he had ever been in his life before, if he would give her in return the youngest thing in his house.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • The miller thought she must mean one of his puppies or kittens, so promised the nixy at once what she asked, and returned to his mill full of hope.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • While he hesitated the nixy spoke, called him by his name, and asked him why he was so sad.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • He had hardly dipped them in the pond when the nixy rose up in the water, and seizing him in her wet arms she dragged him down with her under the waves.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • The poor miller was much horrified by these tidings, and went in to his wife with a heavy heart to tell her and his relations of the fatal bargain he had just struck with the nixy.

    The Yellow Fairy Book

  • "If it was daytime when he came, I'd think he wanted to get a great picture of the outfit; but in the night, nixy," remarked Bobolink, who always had an opinion, one way or the other.

    The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour, or, The Mystery of Rattlesnake Mountain

  • Nix and nixy, for no, are debased forms of the German nicht; aber nit, once as popular as camouflage, is obviously aber nicht.

    Chapter 6. Tendencies in American. 4. Foreign Influences Today


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