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  • n. A native sovereign of Hyderabad, India.


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Hindi; ultimately from Arabic nazama, "arrange, govern".


  • In his magnum opus, the fifteen-hundred-page Call for Global Islamic Resistance, which Suri released to the Internet in 2004, he formalized his concept into the slogan “nizam la tanzim”—“a system, not an organization”—meaning that there should be no organizational bonds between the “Resistance fighters” who are bound together only by their common ideology: defeating the supposed enemies of Islam.

    The Longest War

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  • Will have to make you read the whole things again to find out! nizam - look forward to your pics and thanks for taking them fiona - thanks.

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    Nice One Cecil!

  • By 1813 the nizam-i jadid (new army) included 12,000 regular cavalry and 12,000 regular infantry.

    b. Iran

  • On the advice of Frenchmen in his service, Muhammad Ali began the drafting of Egyptian peasants into his newly formed modern regiments (al-nizam al-jadid), creating the core of an indigenous army that gradually displaced the traditional mercenary and Mamluk troops.


  • Anglo-French rivalry continued, each side supporting candidates for the positions of nizam of the Deccan and nawab of the Carnatic.


  • Tipu attacked Travancore, opening the Third Anglo-Mysore War; Cornwallis allied himself with the peshwa and the nizam, and Tipu was defeated and forced to cede half his territory, paying a large indemnity (March 19, 1792).



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