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  • n. The physiological process underlying the sensation of pain.


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  • This hard-wired injury detection mode for pain is called "nociception", meaning detection of harm, while the nerves which detect the damage are called nociceptor nerves ( "nociceptors" for short).

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  • A cingulotomy eliminates the ability to feel the badness, but does nothing about nociception (the nonconceptual experience of bodily injury).

    Well, It’s Relatively Objective

  • Philosophers may be as disappointed in the entry on Leibniz as writers and literary scholars will be in the one on Faulkner, but there can't be many people who know about "Beowulf," Elizabeth Cady Stanton and nociception (the perception of pain, dummy).


  • Moreover, they have conducted elegant behavioral and electrophysiological studies showing how and why pain perception and nociception in general are different in fetuses and neonates.

    Fetal Pain Researchers Failed to Disclose Abortion Affiliations

  • As I mentioned in my testimony in 1996 before the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, very preterm neonates have the neuroanatomic substrate and functional physiologic and chemical processes in the brain responsible for mediating pain or noxious stimuli (known as nociception).

    The 25th Anniversary Of Roe v Wade: The Test Of Time

  • B. Neurotransmitter development in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord - has demonstrated the early and abundant expression of the neurotransmitters mediating nociception (substance P, L-glutamate, VIP, CGRP), and increased somatosensory excitability in the premature spinal cord.

    The 25th Anniversary Of Roe v Wade: The Test Of Time

  • Even today, scientists working with animals tend to think it sentimental to describe animals as feeling "pain" and generally replace the word "painful" with "nociception" in clinical trials. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Bargmann CI (2004) Invertebrate nociception: behaviors, neurons and molecules.

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  • Such an approach illustrates the role of nociception as a "double level" and "double release" alarm system based on level detectors.

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  • Kavaliers M (1988) Evolutionary and comparative aspects of nociception.

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