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  • Offensively to sight or smell; with noxious or offensive odors.


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  • She eyed the shattered crockery, the broken crumbs of baked goods over which she'd labored long and lovingly, the disgusting mess which coated everything, the thin rivulets of unidentifiable fluids which dripped from counters to pool noisomely on the floor, and she wanted to scream.

    The Lives of Felix Gunderson

  • He was even more noisomely aristocratic than Ignatieff, an intellectually arrogant man on a perpetual power-trip, a cynical, soulless manipulator.

    Public intellectuals

  • It is impossible to tear one's eyes away from Roach's description of the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility, where at a body farm -- a bucolic meadow -- scores of donated cadavers decompose noisomely outdoors so that forensic scientists can better learn to sniff out clues from the bodies of murder victims.

    Stiff: Summary and book reviews of Stiff by Mary Roach.

  • Ehomba was sickened to see the flayed skins of human bodies alternating with the silken pennants, the grisly trophies snapping noisomely in the wind.

    Carnivores of Light and Darkness

  • Because he now had four limbs to carry them with: his two arms, and the pair of slick, green, sucker-laden tentacles that had sprouted noisomely from his shoulders.

    A Triumph of Souls

  • The gardener, although he had objected bitterly and loudly to doing the job himself, instantly took offence at this announcement and retired to his noisomely stuffy cottage down in the village, where he began a long fetid sulk.

    Death of a Fool

  • Some of these enthusiastic young heroes even went so far as to scatter chlorate of potash crackers about when their school was visited by poor old Sultan Husein (who was worth six of his predecessor), and he got quite a shock, which was flagrantly and noisomely accentuated by asafoetida bomblets.


  • She had been bothered by him ever since dinner -- dinner at night at the Cactus House, which was inclined to be Eastern and effete in its apings -- but his persecutions there had been confined to lurking, contrived meetings, and long glances which touched her noisomely.

    Winner Take All

  • There were places where re-solidified metal smoked noisomely against nonmetallic floor or wall-covering.

    The Aliens

  • If a man is malignant or unreliable or mean or selfish, the savour of his fault has a way of noisomely imbuing all his qualities, especially if he is not aware of the deficiency.

    The Silent Isle


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