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  • n. Dependence on factors other than initial state and input.
  • n. Being non-deterministic; involving arbitrary choices; necessitating the choice between various indistinguishable possibilities.


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  • Physicist Paul Davies suggests there is "free will" in math because of non-computable numbers and incompleteness in math, thus it should not be surprising there are pockets of non-determinism in physics.

    Are Changes Brewing and How Does the Mind Fit In?

  • As far as the issues of morality and non-determinism go, the Communist regimes cited above largely took those away from their subjects.

    Is Economics a Science?

  • But non-determinism needs to be examined in light of the type of mechanisms you've discovered – such as the quantum calculators in life that appear to be universally requisite to life.

    Behe: ID rescues Common Descent

  • Personally, I have never really understood this desire some people have that "free will" and "creativity" have to be somehow rooted in non-determinism.

    Determined Determinists

  • The non-determinism is where my quibble is and where I am most likely to be proven wrong.

    Antarctic Update « Climate Audit

  • The usages, and how the article reflects these usages (visual placement, non-determinism, etc.) will all deeply affect the character of the articles.

    oatcake Diary Entry

  • I'm not entirely certain, but to me this looks like a view that ignores the ability of forms of mathematics and computation to deal with non-determinism.

    New Math

  • How to verify the temporal behavior of real-time embedded systems in the presence of non-determinism? or Will the software behave similarly when the interval between the arrivals of two interrupt events is 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec ….?

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  • The intrinsic non-determinism of parallel applications, which leads to these types of errors, makes debugging and testing newly parallelized code difficult and expensive.

    Dr.Dobb's - All Articles

  • Semantically, this is a form of refinement of non-determinism performed during code transformation (in fact, I'm still not sure what the correct denotational approach to its semantics would be).

    Planet Haskell


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