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  • adj. That cannot be eaten; not edible


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  • However, it's only Monday and you might still be feeling a little fragile after the weekend, so we start with a non-edible chocolate treat: this lovely hand cream from EO.

    Buy of the day

  • Man depends on photosynthesis for both food and non-edible plant products, like wood for shelter and fiber for warmth.

    What We Talk About When We Talk About Photosynthesis

  • On some tough days I try to "take a step back," recognize that I'm having a bad day and give myself a little break or a non-edible treat of some sort, like maybe getting my nails done or taking a walk in the woods.

    Riva Greenberg: Amy Tenderich: A Mighty Force Empowering Diabetes Patients

  • Perhaps some of the last things you'd think of, but sure to be among the most valued, are the non-edible items.

    Katie Campbell: Creating a Nontraditional Care Package for Your College Student

  • In this study, 284 children between three and 14 years old were given the option between edible items (lollipops, fruit-flavored chewy candies, fruit-flavored crunchy wafers, and sweet and tart hard candies) and non-edible items (stretch pumpkin men, large glow-in-the-dark insects, Halloween-themed stickers and pencils).

    Dr. Susan Albers: Candy or Toys? A Halloween Dilemma

  • The dish, which can be ordered as an appetizer or a small main, is served in an actual (non-edible) flower pot so diners get an experience of eating "directly from the garden," says Mr. Opocensky.

    'Flower Pot,' at The Krug Room

  • Health officials over the weekend ordered 17 noodle makers in Dongguan, a city in southern Guangdong province, to stop production after discovering their products contained non-edible additives such as ink, industrial dye and paraffin wax, according to the China Daily.

    Hundreds in China Fall Ill; Additive Suspected

  • We gather, fish and hunt, knowing resource use comes with a tension of balancing local, commercial and tourist appetites, be it for halibut, herring, or salmon, not to mention all those non-edible things like oil and minerals.

    Ellen Frankenstein: From Tofu to Muktuk

  • While the Defense Ministry may currently have significant refrigeration capacity, the notice raises questions about the daily water requirements for a 15,000-bird operation, the handling of wastewater, as well as disposal of viscera and other non-edible slaughter by products.

    U.S. considers chicken-raising in Afghanistan

  • Someone, a closet sadist, occasionally brought an uneven number of hot dogs to family events, resulting in the only non-edible entertainment of the evening--a fat people's wrestling match.

    Mark Steinberg: Food: We Can't Live With It, but We Can Live Without It


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