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  • adj. That does not need ironing.


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non- +‎ iron


  • Not to be confused with non-iron shirts that never need ironing, say the manufacturers, and which as far as we can tell are entirely mythical.

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  • I suppose in some ways there's a crazy logic to it - there IS iron everyone on this planet, which is generally nickel-iron (granite, for example, has small amounts of Fe2O3), but there is also a lot of this planet that isn't iron, and living creatures like bacteria can hide in those places (high in the atmosphere, in cracks in non-iron rock) until the reaction's run its course.

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  • To make things easier, I have an idea of wearing a basic and plain muslin A-line dress, or skirt-blouse combination -- or any non-iron, loosely flowing garment that does not cling or pinch, making movement easier in the myriad of tasks that must be done.

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  • In mining of gold alluvial deposits, gold centrifuges and cyclones, for example, could be employed; for extracting non-iron metallic-ore concentrates, the above-mentioned mechanized sludge pond, Bartles-Mozley-separating table, or blanket sluice

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  • Deposits of non-iron metallic ores, for example those of sub-Volcanic or submarine emanative genesis, or sulfide veins with oxidized valuable-mineral sources, or stratified tin deposits, such as frequently occur in the Latin American Andes, exhibit this fine intergrowth and must be handled during beneficiation with special attention regarding the fine grain distribution.

    Chapter 20

  • Iron ore prices soared 98.4 percent, while non-iron ore metals cost 37.9 percent more. -- Top News

  • While hardly a fashion blog, I can't live without Brooks Brothers non-iron shirts. News

  • Mine are non-iron too but I rarely ever (read: never) leave the house without fresh clothes on. what's new online!

  • The strongest associations were seen for ceramic and pottery jobs and brick manufacturing, as well as for those working in manufacturing of non-iron metals.

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  • To ensure the Company remains focussed on its Pilbara iron ore projects, the Board has decided to transfer all its non-iron tenements to the following three new wholly owned subsidiaries:

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