non-proletarian love



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  • noun Alternative spelling of nonproletarian.


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non- +‎ proletarian


  • That debate had been initiated by Eduard Bernstein (1850 – 1932), whose analysis concluded that the SPD should surrender its revolutionary political aims and concentrate on a policy of compromise with non-proletarian classes to ensure economic reforms so that socialism could gradually “evolve” within capitalism.

    Rosa Luxemburg.

  • Further, the mass line which Mao advocated ‘from the masses to the masses’ is practised by us to check non-proletarian tendencies in the movement.

    A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)

  • So we will educate the working class that to rectify economism, to stop betrayal of the CPM, CPI and other non-proletarian trends we have to intensify the class war and the ongoing-armed revolution.

    A Maoist critique of the CPI(Marxist)

  • It is not just the case of Russia, in many countries, particularly in semi-colonial semi-feudal countries, where petty commodity production and peasant economy predominate, the feudal ideology, culture, customs and the force of habit among the majority of the population will make it possible for other non-proletarian and even reactionary parties under the anti-feudal anti-imperialist cloak to come to power relatively easily.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • The previous course in Havana Province had only 18% industrial workers, the greater part being of non-proletarian origin.


  • Above all a "bolshevist leadership" must be created, social-democratic forms of organisation abolished, and the Party purged of "opportunist, vacillating and non-proletarian elements."

    Sidney Percival Bunting

  • Even if their opposition to political union with non-proletarian parties was right as the basis of a sound policy, to insist upon it at the moment of dire peril was either treachery or madness.

    Bolshevism The Enemy of Political and Industrial Democracy

  • There is nothing more certain in the whole range of social and political life than the fact that the doctrine that the power of the state must be seized and used by the proletariat against the non-proletarian classes, even for a relatively brief period, _can only be carried out by destroying all the democracy thus far achieved_.

    Bolshevism The Enemy of Political and Industrial Democracy

  • It is here that we can detect the non-proletarian character of the movement.

    Secret Societies And Subversive Movements

  • Of placards expressing confidence in the coalition government there were but three one from a cossack regiment, another from the Plekhanov group, and the third from the Petrograd organization of the Bund, composed mostly of non-proletarian elements.

    From October to Brest-Litovsk


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