non-quantitative love



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  • adj. Alternative spelling of nonquantitative.


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non- +‎ quantitative


  • Applicants with non-quantitative backgrounds might be asked to take additional coursework to get them up to speed.

    B-School Bulletin

  • Steering economics to some sort of non-quantitative basis will only lead to unanswerable questions and unfalsifiable conclusions.

    Caldwell, Hayek, and Math, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Given that Nate Silver is the famous one and Tom Schaller is the obscure one who only ever posts non-quantitative mush, this is an odd attribution error to make.

    Matthew Yglesias » Halter’s Long Odds

  • According to the senior official, much of the input comes from non-quantitative sources, such as interviews with recent defectors or anecdotal accounts of North Korean political dissent.

    Seoul undertakes effort to measure North Korea's longevity

  • Was it because its complexities and non-quantitative aspects did not fit into the usual narrow academic tenure-track routine?

    Robert Teitelman: Simon Johnson on the Evidence for Overmighty Finance

  • The least interesting is called the "dark matter" theory and basically explains away the size of US NIIP as a failure to measure accurately complex and non-quantitative US assets held abroad.

    The US is the World’s Largest Hedge Fund | Impact Lab

  • If the gist of this post is that the non-quantitative humanities including philosophy, I take it will soon be passé because they are losing their prestige value, then we should all agree that this is a dismal future for the academy.

    How Online Communities and Flawed Reasoning Sound a Death Knell for Qualitative Methods

  • He approaches the subject almost entirely from a non-quantitative way (although for the curious he provides some narrative proofs in the appendix) and the debates are understandable and interesting to a non-specialist (note: my math grades were my lowest in school).

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • Meanwhile, many of the entries take the form of metaphorical pseudo-equations, using the symbols of mathematics to express a fundamentally non-quantitative opinion (Jonathan Haidt, Linda Stone).

    What is Your Equation?

  • Just to report in from the Gulf Coast side (northern Veracruz), my non-quantitative s.w.a.g. of the insect situation here is that it's about equivalent to Houston (except that we have scorpions, non-lethal ones of course).



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