non-scientific love


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  • adj. Of or pertaining to matters which are not scientifically rigorous.


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  • As far as I see it, the crisis is one of distorted science, or a complete lack of it, for a variety of non-scientific motivations.

    Climate Advice - From NASA - For Obama - NASA Watch

  • The bottom-line is it greatly expands the ability of commercial entities to do non-scientific exploration outside of earth orbit at a lower cost than sending their own crews to the surface.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch

  • Proponents of non-scientific parasciences, however, will use this "just because we don't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist" argument as evidence itself -- which is patently ridiculous.

    Governments Suppress Alien Truth - Former NASA Astronaut Edgar Mitchell - NASA Watch

  • The non-scientific mind has the most ridiculous ideas of the precision of laboratory work, and would be much surprised to learn that . . . the bulk of it does not exceed the precision of an upholsterer who comes to measure a window for a pair of curtains.

    The Perfected Yardstick

  • According to Wikipedia Only in the United States and a few other countries (such as Belize [2]) does the Fahrenheit system continue to be used, and only for non-scientific use.

    A little winter cool snap in M�xico this year

  • The result with Hawking's books, given their great exposure, is a media emphasis on what they say about non-scientific issues, in particular, religion.

    Victor Stenger: The Grand Accident

  • An astrophysicist for the American Museum of Natural History, director of the world famous Hayden Planetarium, and columnist for Natural History magazine, Neil DeGrasse Tyson brings to the non-scientific world the ideal book for those fascinated with space, the cosmos, black holes, and all the questions and wonders therein.

    2010 March 06 « The BookBanter Blog

  • Google has, according to Mr. Smith, denied competitors the ability to index Youtube's cache of laughing-baby videos although a non-scientific sampling of Microsoft's Bing search results suggests that Microsoft has nevertheless indexed some pretty obscure Youtube clips; restricted advertisers' ability to copy their search campaigns over to competitors' sites; and contractually locked in large European websites to the exclusive use of Google search boxes.

    Microsoft's Antitrust Turnabout

  • Finally, after so many years of struggling against non-scientific barriers, Meyerhof believed he would be able to concentrate his full attention upon his work.

    Otto Meyerhof and the Physiology Institute: the Birth of Modern Biochemistry

  • There they go again, waxing non-scientific on science.

    Bill Chameides: Wall Street Journal's Portrait of the Young Climate Scientist


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