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  • Also not surprising, given my personal tastes, the science fiction stories fared better than the non-sf stories.

    April 2009

  • The highlight of my Readercon 20 were the writer's block workshop with Barry Longyear, the kaffeeklatsche with Ellen Klages, the improv workshop with Ellen Klages, and even the rather non-sf/f not-really-to-my-taste reading by Samuel Delany will be something I remember for a long time.

    Readercon 19, 20, and 21

  • Let's turn that around: "What non-sf/fantasy books would you recommend to someone whose reading was predominantly in sf/fantasy?"

    March 2009

  • I admit to buying just one or two books at Boskone, but this was the only non-sf book to add to my catalogue.

    February Books 17) The Presidential Book of Lists, by Ian Randal Strock

  • But although I'm hard-pressed to think of any pleasures unique to either sf or non-sf, if the constellation of pleasures offered by sf wasn't distinctive than there wouldn't be readers with a preference for it in the first place; and vice versa, such that to direct sf readers to non-sf books that share as many of the pleasures of sf as possible is almost certainly to give a distorted picture.

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • (Not that I can claim particular expertise, I should say; in any given year, you probably wouldn't run out of digits counting the number of non-sf books that I read.)

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • In the case of recommending non-sf books to habitual sf readers, the request seems to be for non-sf books that share some qualities of sf; that are, in some sense, familiar (or safe).

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • On much the same principle, assuming that this non-sf/fantasy reader wasn't entirely locked into the plot-driven paradigm of pulp, I'd recommend anything by Guy Davenport or William Burroughs, Italo Calvino or Jorge Luis Borges, Franz Kafka or Roberto Calasso.

    MIND MELD: Non-Genre Books for Genre Readers

  • This was partly due to reading fewer Doctor Who novelisations (having read almost all of them last year) and also due to a deliberate choice of reading more classics of non-sf literature.

    2009 books poll

  • It is a book that I feel confident recommending to purported non-sf fans as well as sf fans.

    Voice of the Fans: What Book Have You Recently Read That's Good Enough To Recommend To a Friend?


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