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  • n. Any sequence of letters that is not a word.


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  • No "I" in "Team" Award: On Ice Loves Coco, Coco is pumped to show her hubby her new Licious clothing line at the factory... until Ice-T points out something her whole crew had apparently missed: All the shirts are printed with the non-word "licous" — or, phonetically, "lick-us."

    Top Moments: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Naked and The Bachelorette Bores

  • The first time I attended Book Expo was so long ago it was called ABA, the American Booksellers Association pause to shout out to my fellow curmudgeons who don't believe that mashing together a non-word like "Expo" with a perfectly good word like "Book" is an improvement on either one, nor that putting the mashup next to "America" can turn the latter into an adjective.

    Peter Ginna: An Insider's Guide to the Characters of BookExpo America

  • In that letter to Axel Kaun he placed himself on "the road toward this, for me, very desirable literature of the non-word," but a few lines later he states his program with a contrary succinctness: "Word-storming in the name of beauty."

    Banville on Beckett: Non-Words or Word Storms?

  • You had to swallow mint chip not to scream, you had to find a semi-quiet area, or, in a sense, a non-word.

    Patricide: A Romance

  • Finally, what's with the use of the word (or non-word) "ain't" Where on earth did they go to school?

    Sanford accused of smear campaign against Bauer

  • In a post criticizing Sarah Palin's use of the non-word "refudiate," Little Green Footballs offered a handy Google Map showing the location of the proposed community center relative to Ground Zero and claims that the "Ground Zero Mosque" hysteria is exactly that: hysteria.

    'Refudiate' Private Property?

  • Following Palin's widely-mocked use of the non-word "refudiate," comedian and HuffPost blogger Andy Borowitz joked about "Palinese" on last week's episode of the program.

    PBS Ombudsman Defends Palin Joke: 'Fair Game' (VIDEO)

  • In case you couldn't make it through the whole two minutes, it consists of inane jabbering and of the hosts flinging around the non-word "Darwinism", as if evolution were an exotic opinion or a cult and not the foundation of biology.

    Stefan Sirucek: Honey, The View Shrank My Brain

  • Why not just say it that way, instead of concocting a non-word to describe a time-honored hockey attribute?

    Some hockey lingo deserves a spot in the penalty box

  • Q: I have a question about the non-word “athleticism.”

    The Grammarphobia Blog » Blog Archive » Jock talk


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