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  • n. Plural form of nonachiever.


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  • It's just common "horse-sense" that supporting nonachievers that lack the intellect to support their kids just leads to a bigger problem in the long run.

    Saving Carlos: The face of California's crisis

  • Although polictically incorrect the politician that said if you feed the strays they just produce more strays or nonachievers was correct.

    Saving Carlos: The face of California's crisis

  • Obama and Clinton both want to take from achievers and give to nonachievers and this results in downfall of economy.

    Poll shows both Clinton and Obama beating McCain

  • But like Bart, these chronic nonachievers are wickedly, unredeemingly funny.

    Mtv: A Salute To America's Most Wasted

  • What to do about the nonachievers in our schools, those who drop out of school or take nothing home from the classroom, often dropping out of society, those whose pictures are seen on Page 2 of the Tribune daily, usually just under this column? stories

  • It finally happened in 1971, when a determined band of nonachievers was beaten 102 times.


  • Obama plans to take from achievers and give to nonachievers (sound familiar) and drive everyone down to the lowest common denominator - a key part of his agenda to redistribute America's wealth along with the imposition of a massive tax burden that will be hovering above your heads for decades to come. - Local News

  • It’s that kind of focus—whatever the field of endeavor—that separates the achievers from the nonachievers.

    The Leader In You


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