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  • noun The absence of action; failure to act.


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non- +‎ action


  • P.S. And I also noted that new Governor Jan Brewer (Napolitano's replacement, also negligently responsible for much of what has occurred during her six years of "nonaction" on behalf of Arizonans) also simply has a "beware" message on her website for some of these counselors that were the new "jobs" created by this manipulated crisis apparently Congress and Obama were speaking of.

    State Politicos Capitalizing On Mortgage Crisis For Career Development

  • However, as has been noted many times, the notion of "nonaction" or wuwei does not denote literal inaction but presupposes something like the possibility of an unforced acting with the grain of things, and that presupposes that it is possible to become attuned to that grain while in a state of awareness that is not cluttered by distorting conceptual oppositions.

    Comparative Philosophy: Chinese and Western

  • Flight, an instantaneous reaction, had been eschewed by nonaction.

    Shortcut Man

  • Flight, an instantaneous reaction, had been eschewed by nonaction.

    Shortcut Man

  • And all this talk of "sunsetting after five years" and "justifying" new giveaways ... you know, this is all lame weak nonaction.

    PubliCola Guest Op-Ed: The Good Thing About This Year’s Budget Crisis « PubliCola

  • His anxiety that nonaction with Iraq would have been wrong because then Security Council Resolutions "would have been revealed as empty threats, weakening the United Nations", as opposed to exactly what by this appointer of the staunchly Pro-Internationalist, J. Bolton to be UN Ambassador?

    Kerry Donor: Let's Give The Man Some Credit

  • It is, as it is called in certain eastern traditions, action in nonaction.

    Marco J. de Vries - An Existential–Spiritual View of the Nature of Man

  • As everyone knows, managing to get the World Trade Center blown up, or at least just BEING president when it happened, is George W. Bush's greatest all-time achievement, the only action (or nonaction) that has ever made him truly popular with the American public, the one thing he will brag about until the day he dies.

    Blaming Bush for His Greatest Achievement

  • Mission creep may partly account for the curious defense of nonaction by Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. John Shalikashvili, who argued that the threat of air power, so effective against Serbian tanks around Sarajevo, wouldn't work against the infantry assailing Gorazde.

    Shooting The Messenger

  • They believe their instincts about his image more than they believe the hard record of action/nonaction.

    How to use ordinary people in political ads.


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