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  • adj. Not addicted.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ addicted


  • It averaged out to 1.3 _nonaddicted_ tastes per month.

    American Tabloid

  • Lars Terenius and Agneta Wahlstrom stated that they had isolated a material with the same molecular weight from the cerebral spinal fluid of nonaddicted humans.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • A startling answer came in 1987 when Sidney Spector and his group at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology announced the discovery of both morphine and codeine in the cerebral spinal fluid of nonaddicted humans.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • Cognitive functioning is impaired by substance abuse, and all studies indicate that “adolescents addicted to drugs are at higher risk for suicide attempts than those who are nonaddicted, but addicted adolescents do not constitute a large proportion of youthful suicide attempters” p.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Furthermore, I say to you that the nonaddicted minorities have invariably proven hostile to native Omegan institutions.

    The Status Civilization

  • He referred to the button that makes a wall cover 10 screens in the Hype Lounge dining room to vanish sports itself, for the nonaddicted who come for the food on nongame nights.

    The Seattle Times

  • That is why Difranza thinks that true nonaddicted smokers make up a fraction of people who smoke - about 5 percent.

    NPR Topics: News

  • Just talking about the high caused physical and emotional cravings and our hope was to trigger this response then help trigger the negatives like jail, homelessness, loss of children, illness - HIV, Hep C, etc and help them feel the negative consequences to the the the use of drugs -- something nonaddicted folks can readily see.


  • Later in his career, Panksepp’s work on rodents led him to conclude that “boys born to mothers using opiates during the second trimester would be expected to have a higher incidence of homosexuality than the offspring of nonaddicted women.”

    The Panic Virus

  • At other times, the nonaddicted partner may become addicted by following his or her partner’s lead.

    Helping the Addict You Love


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