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  • n. A failure to adhere


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non- +‎ adherence


  • Concerted attempts to adopt the term nonadherence, reflective of a partnership rather than a coercive or subordinate relationship, are slowly gaining traction.

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  • The state of the law is now in the absurd position of disallowing racial quotas, but virtually guaranteeing conviction for those who do not adhere to racial quotas on the grounds that the very fact of nonadherence is prima facie evidence of racial discrimination.

    Government Is Right to Fight Discrimination in Lending

  • They are active all over the brain, so while they may not cause as many side effects as the tricyclics, they still cause so much discomfort that there is a cottage industry devoted to reducing nonadherence among SSRI takers.


  • Mr. Sanusi attributed the problems at the five troubled banks to "poor corporate governance practices, lax credit administration processes and the absence or nonadherence to the bank's credit risk management practices."

    Nigeria Plans $2.6 Billion Bank Bailout, Ousts Top Executives

  • Given the tendency of many Europeans to shop and launder locally within walking distance, nonadherence to the research definition would shift a major source of caloric expenditure/ aerobic exercise to a different category.

    I’ll take the risk

  • Lego is, like, the perfect device to enculturate a citizenry intolerant of smell, intestinal by-products, nonadherence to unified standards, decay, blurred edges, germination, and death.


  • This modified adherence, or non-nonadherence, pretty well represents the feeling of orthodox Protestants, when learning and common sense come together.

    A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II)

  • In Becky's case, the cause of her nonadherence was misunderstanding and a lack of trust in her physician, who was new to her.

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  • Even in cases where physicians are trusted and beloved, nonadherence is a factor.

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  • According to a company fact sheet , the cost of medication nonadherence to the U.S. health care system totals an estimated $290 billion a year.


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