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  • n. Plural form of nonalcoholic.


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  • You can make a bloody Mary, a great bloody Mary for nonalcoholics, throw a little extra horseradish in there and a nonalcoholic beer for those of you who want to drink slowly or in moderation throughout the day.

    CNN Transcript Aug 31, 2002

  • We also did, right next to our Whiskey Willy, for nonalcoholics, we combined it with a beer.

    CNN Transcript Aug 31, 2002

  • In contrast, most nonalcoholics will answer no to more than two questions, and more than 80 percent will answer no to all four questions.


  • SAVIDGE (voice-over): Goldman is searching for the differences in genes between alcoholics and nonalcoholics.

    CNN Transcript Aug 19, 2001

  • There is a fourfold or higher incidence of alcoholism among children of alcoholics than in children of nonalcoholics, even when they are separated from their biological parents at birth and reared by adopting parents who have no drinking problem.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • This was in contrast to an increase in cyclic AMP production when adenosine was added to the lymphocytes of nonalcoholics.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • Without knowing the identity of the subjects, working only from the DNA patterns in the brain tissues, we had correctly classified 72 percent of the alcoholics, and 77 percent of the nonalcoholics.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • To determine if this reversal of response to alcohol also took place in the living human body, the researchers studied lymphocytes blood cells from matched alcoholics and nonalcoholics and found a similar effect of alcohol.18 Diamond commented in a 1988 interview:

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • The method they used for measurement was highly complicated, involving radiographic analysis of a special metabolite of salsolinol, but their findings were simple: Recovering, nondrinking alcoholics had a higher level of salsalinol in their blood than the nonalcoholics.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain

  • Banding pattern of the dopamine D2 receptor gene probe and DNA obtained from alcoholics and nonalcoholics.

    Alcohol and The Addictive Brain


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