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  • adj. Not allergenic; not causing allergies


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ allergenic


  • In October 2009, after nine years of trials, their invention was approved by the government's Genetic Engineering Approval Committee, which stated Mahyco's product is "effective in controlling target pests, safe to the environment, non-toxic as determined by toxicity and animal feeding tests, nonallergenic and has potential to benefit the farmers."

    Entrepreneurs and Eggplant

  • Not only are chia seeds nutritious, they are nonallergenic, contain very little sodium, are gluten-free, and, unlike flax seeds, have been granted GRAS generally recognized as safe status by the FDA.

    Forever Young

  • If you are chronically congested try a nonallergenic foam pillow and place it inside a dust-mite blocking pillow protector that goes under the pillow case is a great source for information on pillow allergies.

    The Source

  • I highly recommend that you examine the range of nonallergenic foam pillows on the market and get one.

    The Source

  • With every all natural, doctors have approved, boneless, childproof, soft and fluffy, nonallergenic, paranoid restriction followed to the letter.

    Avian Flu Excites the Oversensitive

  • Acrylic functions and looks like wool and is nonirritating and nonallergenic.


  • Tannic acid applied to carpets and upholstery can denature cat allergens—make them nonallergenic—but many experts feel it is not very helpful.


  • According to Ronald Kessler's A Matter of Character: Inside the White House of George W. Bush, just out, the health-conscious President brings his own treadmill and nonallergenic pillows on long trips.


  • For infants, breast-feeding is preferable to cow's milk; otherwise, goat's milk is relatively nonallergenic.


  • The ICS also notes potential health benefits, such as vitamin-enriched grains or nonallergenic peanuts.

    CNN Transcript Jul 15, 2003


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