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  • adj. Not analytic


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ analytic.


  • Because angry people apparently rely on heuristic cues when making judgments, anger has been claimed to trigger superficial, nonanalytic information processing.

    Literature Update: Planning, Pricing, and Pissing Off

  • "Intuition is often understood as an antithesis to analytic decision-making, as something inherently nonanalytic or preanalytic," Goldberg writes.

    The Moment of Truth?

  • Sections 1 and analytic feminists share resemblances with others in their even larger “family” that includes both nonanalytic feminists and nonfeminist analytic philosophers.

    Analytic Feminism

  • It requires that students and practitioners from various professions translate the material for use in their own nonmedical and nonanalytic practices.

    Clinical Work with Adolescents

  • Analytic propositions are true by virtue of presupposed meanings (which can be articulated by explicit defini - tions or meaning rules), whereas synthetic propositions are nonanalytic, and thus require grounds of validity outside of mere meaning assignments or definitions.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • “sides” in the controversies rarely fall neatly into divisions among analytic and nonanalytic feminists.

    Analytic Feminism

  • Thus even nonanalytic feminists who find an analytic writing style tediously overqualified or otherwise confining can engage ” along with nonfeminist analytic philosophers ” in fruitful bridge-building conversations. [

    Analytic Feminism


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