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  • adj. Not autistic.


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non- +‎ autistic


  • Sixty-four percent of all families with autistic children remain married, compared to 65 percent of nonautistic families.

    Autism Doesn't Necessarily Lead to Divorce, But What Does?

  • What would happen if nonautistic people used an oxytocin spray?

    The ‘Bonding Hormone’ That Might Cure Autism

  • Wakefield defends his collaborator, saying that a later test confirmed "the fidelity and high quality of [the Dublin lab's] methods … The original results that found measles virus genetic material in intestinal biopsies in 75 percent of the autistic children compared with 6 percent of the nonautistic controls still stand."

    Anatomy of a Scare

  • The researchers are also doing imaging tests to see if the recovered kids' brains look more like those of autistic or nonautistic children.

    Research Suggests Children Can Recover from Autism

  • This makes me wonder if many nonautistic children have bowel inflammation from poor diet and allergies as well.26

    The UltraMind Solution

  • In another study, DNA analysis was performed on the measles strains found in autistic children and compared to nonautistic children with inflamed bowels.

    The UltraMind Solution

  • And neural-imaging studies are showing differences in how autistic and nonautistic brains respond to social cues, such as faces or eyes.

    Understanding Autism

  • David Amaral and Cynthia Mills Schumann of the University of California, Davis, surveyed the number of neurons in the amygdala of nine autistic males and 10 nonautistic males ranging in age from 10 to 44.

    Autistic Males May Have Neuron Defficiency | Impact Lab

  • Now, it's a good thing I don't engage in making mass judgements about nonautistic people based on the actions of a few.

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • If nonautistic people could read eye expressions at this level of sophistication, then maybe I was closer to Rain Man than I thought.

    Mind Wide Open


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