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  • n. Failure to believe; lack of religion


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non- +‎ belief


  • Morality comes from human intelligence and has nothing to do with belief or nonbelief in an afterlife or God.

    Victor Stenger: Is Religion Good For You?

  • He has the consumately "moderate" personality that allows him to empathize with believers even as he is chosen to make the case for nonbelief in a setpiece debate near the novel's conclusion.

    The New Equivocation

  • Both asserted their nonbelief in a personal God in no uncertain terms and were simply using the word "God" in the Spinozian sense as a name for the order if the universe.

    Victor Stenger: The Grand Accident

  • Have you ever tried to discuss belief/nonbelief with someone who does not share your belief or nonbelief?

    Dear Believer: Greta Christina is calling you out « Dating Jesus

  • Joanne Simpson, the world's first woman to receive a Ph.D. in meteorology, expressed relief upon her retirement last year that she was finally free to speak "frankly" of her nonbelief.

    Who thought up the "cap and trade" emissions program? (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • A kid who believed in the importance of nonbelief, the essentialness of inaction.


  • Equating belief with nonbelief is equating apples and oranges.


  • But secularism is not the opposite of belief; nonbelief is.

    And The Winner Is...

  • But in any event, this climate of rationality-in which ideas such as the existence of hell are not endorsed by the state because they are speculations about a world which we have little, if any, direct experience of and thus no practical understanding for-makes torture of nonbelievers the crime rather than nonbelief.

    Christian Atrocities: Humanity's "Sin" or God's?

  • Religion doesn't play a role on my personal life, but it does affect me in some way, for it is present, for we atheist have to find a way to understand why other of our breed are religious and they have to deal with us and our nonbelief.

    From Atheism to Agnosticism


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