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  • adj. Not a believer; in particular, not a member of a specific religious group


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non- +‎ believing


  • The odds and gods are overwhelmingly against them, but ingenuity, perseverance and a peculiar kind of nonbelieving faith bring them through to a suitable, if not conventionally happy, ending.

    Stromata Blog:

  • But both believing and nonbelieving scholars clearly can teach about religion in a secular setting without crossing the line into proselytizing.

    Harvard’s Crisis of Faith

  • The headlines from a largely nonbelieving and predictably cynical world press were much as expected: ITALIAN SCIENTIST REPRODUCES SHROUD OF TURIN AND SCIENTIST PROVES SHROUD OF TURIN IS A MEDIEVAL FORGERY seemed to capture the general tenor of the stories going forth that afternoon from the conference room in Bologna.

    The Shroud Codex

  • Becky Hale, a founder of the atheist group Freethinkers of Colorado Springs, said the service discriminates against nonbelieving Democrats.

    RNB QuickLinks: Atheists, Reverend Magdalen, Satanic Bikinis, Bibles, Scientology Whistleblowers, and BB King

  • But since the late 1990s, Zakani had adhered to a hard-line script that left little room for nonbelieving Iranians.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • There would be much to gain from emphasizing the hedonism-cosmic happiness dichotomy over the religious-nonbelieving dichotomy.

    Post-Christian America

  • The Republicans have had great success making the things nonbelieving liberals and Christians disagree on the key issues of the day.

    Matthew Yglesias » Misfortune?

  • We are not a Muslim nation or a nonbelieving nation.

    RELIGION Blog | The Dallas Morning News

  • The 358 Young Life school chapters in Texas must be thrilled: they now have an open mic at every school event to where they can help their misguided nonbelieving captive classmates to "meet Jesus Christ and follow Him."

    Kevin Jennings: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

  • The nonbelieving minority experienced a religious leader who took care to speak in a language nonbelievers could understand.

    The End of the Caricature


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