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  • n. Absence of belligerency, especially as an agreement between countries not to go to war (perhaps less amicable than neutrality).


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non- +‎ belligerency


  • Sharon talked of a nonbelligerency pact, persuaded that Palestinians were not prepared to genuinely recognize the Jewish people's right to their homeland and that peace without such recognition at best could only be a guarded lull.

    Israel & Palestine: Can They Start Over?

  • There will be others running for office in 1996 who succumbed to the temptations of a self-indulgent time (Bob Dole is already sniping at Phil Gramm's nonbelligerency in the 1960s).

    Lawyering The Truth

  • Instead, he says, Israelis and Palestinians should strive for a "nonbelligerency accord" based on the current alignment in the West Bank and Gaza, economic cooperation and the long-term possibility of establishing a "Palestinian entity."

    The Hawk Takes Flight

  • The concept would be nonbelligerency, something long term with no timetable but with a list of expectations.


  • One is an armistice agreement that will provide a situation of nonbelligerency.

    'A Deep Friendship'

  • There should be an interim agreement or a situation of nonbelligerency.

    'I Can Make Peace'

  • In 628, the Prophet Muhammad agreed to a year-long hudna, hudnat Hudeibiya, which he used to reorganize his forces and then, unilaterally, to break the truce and utterly destroy his erstwhile partners in nonbelligerency.

    'Israel: The Threat from Within': An Exchange

  • Shimon Peres put a very high value on this, and a statement of nonbelligerency would gain support for the transfer of arms to Jordan that the king saw as symbolically and substantively important.

    Turmoil and Triumph

  • Suddenly word came that four of the TWA hostages had been kept behind, still held by Hezbollah who were said to be seeking a “nonbelligerency” guarantee from the United States.

    Turmoil and Triumph

  • The king did not even make a helpful statement on nonbelligerency.

    Turmoil and Triumph


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