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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to cable television.


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non- +‎ cable


  • And Time Warner would have more flexibility to take risks that would hurt the traditional TV business but boost its businesses with growth potential—such as offering subscriptions to HBO to noncable customers.

    Time Warner Should Reed Hastings's Lips

  • Mr. Rutledge's defection comes after a years-long streamlining of Cablevision, with the spinoffs of noncable businesses such as Madison Square Garden and its cable-channel businesses into separate public companies.

    New Clouds Form Over Cablevision

  • To be able to watch the most complete array of noncable entertainment requires several services like Netflix and iTunes, an antenna and, for the nerdiest content completists, a full-fledged computer attached to your television.

    Cutting the Cord on Cable

  • Lucrative licensing deals between the networks and sports leagues still require noncable broadcasts of big events such as the Super Bowl.

    Local TV Stations Face a Fuzzy Future

  • International transfers the noncable assets and the cash to Services.

    $600 Million Man

  • Some $4.7 billion of the $5.5 billion of cash that AT&T paid for TCI's noncable assets was for stock: a ton of AT&T shares TCI had gotten in an unrelated deal, and TCI's stake in AtHome, which provides phone and Internet services over cable-TV wires.

    At&T Gets A Makeover

  • In its earlier, more conservative incarnations, AT&T would have sold new stock to help raise the $5.5 billion in cash it paid to buy some noncable assets from TCI and the $5 billion it will soon pay for IBM's global data network.

    At&T Gets A Makeover

  • They have challenged the company's $4.8 billion valuation of its noncable assets, which also include Radio City Music Hall and numerous TV channels.

    Cablevision Deal

  • Some would also like to see the company sell some of its noncable assets.

    Cablevision Holders Reject Buyout

  • People who have never professionally vegetated in front of their daytime and late-night noncable television have no idea how insidious they are.

    21 DOG YEARS


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