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  • adj. Not calcareous.


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non- +‎ calcareous


  • Ecoregion 35a is underlain by Cretaceous sandy, clayey, or gravelly deposits that are often calcareous; it is lithologically distinct from the Tertiary noncalcareous deposits of Ecoregion 35a, the Quaternary alluvium of Ecoregions 35b, 35g, and 73, and the chalks and marls of Ecoregion 35h.

    Ecoregions of Arkansas (EPA)

  • This eucalypt grows best on deep, moist, free-draining, medium-to-heavy soils derived from noncalcareous rock.

    Chapter 5

  • Clays can be divided into calcareous clays (containing 15\% Calcium Carbonate, which gives yellow color when burnt) or noncalcareous clays (containing silicate of alumina, feldspar, and iron oxide) - Iron oxide gives buff, red or salmon color, when burnt Molding of Brick: The raw material is dug from pits, crushed, ground, and  screened to reduce it to a fine constituency

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  • This circumftance is not introduced, here* as an evidence againft the cultivation of clover; which, on a noncalcareous foil, is by much the moft valuable leaf herbage agriculture is at prefent acquainted with; but to put thofe, who have frefh ground in their poffeffion, on their guard, in its cul - tivation •

    The Rural Economy of the Midland Counties: Including the Management of ...


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