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  • adjective Not able to be canceled


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non- +‎ cancelable


  • The company has $1.1 billion in noncancelable, mostly U.S., leases that don't expire until 2015 or later and would be costly to exit.

    Continental Divide for Abercrombie

  • Employees who have already used their earned vacation days, have insufficient earned vacation for the year or are otherwise committed to noncancelable vacation plans during other time periods should work with their local management to make alternative arrangements.

    Nardelli's Memo to Chrysler Workers

  • It was clearly a perpetual, not a lifetime subscription, transferable, inheritable, noncancelable, and -it was good until the end of TIME, the Weekly Newsmagazine. Top Stories

  • Most leases are noncancelable so there is no reason a business is able to abrogate its lease contract, including if the equipment is defective.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • Southern California Edison Company Estimated remaining commitments for noncancelable leases at December 31, 2002 are: Year ended December 31, In millions 2003 $ 13 2004 11 2005 8 2006 6 2007 4

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  • $ 246 Estimated noncancelable lease payments 13 11 8 6 4 Fuel supply contract payments 155 118 121 124 127

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  • Rent plans provide the Board of Directors broad discretion in expense under the noncancelable operating leases was $139 creating employee equity incentives and authorize it to grant million in 1998, $113 million in 1997, and $99 million in 1996. incentive and non-statutory stock options as well as certain 8.

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  • Estimated remaining commitments for noncancelable operating leases at December 31, 2005 are: Power Contracts Other Operating Operating In millions Year ended December 31, Leases Leases 2006 $ 177 $ 15 2007 288 13 2008 260 11 2009 205 8 2010 204 4

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  • Commitments not in part, at the Company's option, at $0.01 per Right at The Company leases certain facilities and equipment under any time prior to becoming exercisable and in certain other noncancelable operating leases.

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  • In the event ofcommitments. in the tive delivery noncancelable purchase a delay or flaw considerable extent on its ability to rapidly and continuously Company's design process, the Company's operating results The Company's future operating results will depend to a develop, introduce, and deliver in quantity new systems,

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