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  • adjective Not carbon or carbon-based; often used to refer to energy sources which do no generate carbon dioxide


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

non- +‎ carbon


  • The only way we are coming close to an 80% reduction is to move to noncarbon fuel for power and vehicles and if we do that it really won't matter that much if we improve our roads.

    PSRC Plan Avoids Climate Reality « PubliCola

  • Nuclear plants can operate at stable rates year-round, while noncarbon energy sources such as wind farms and solar panels depend on the weather to generate power.

    Playing the Nuclear Card

  • CLP ' s strategy — part of a larger shift to raise the company ' s noncarbon-based sources of energy to as much as 40% of generating capacity by 2020, up from a current 19% — coincides with Chinese government subsidies and policies favoring cleaner sources of power.

    Playing the Nuclear Card

  • What might begin to make up for all those emissions is discovering how noncarbon sources of energy could become economically attractive.

    Recycling Won’t Save Us, But Greed Might

  • Where will that revenue come from once the president's climate-change legislation is wildly successful at converting the U.S. to a noncarbon based economy?

    Cap and Trade Will Cost More, Have Unintended Ends

  • Mr. Green's research suggests that investing about $100 billion annually in noncarbon based energy research could result in essentially stopping global warming within a century or so.

    Technology Can Fight Global Warming

  • Prices of carbon-based fuels would rise, forcing people to use less or making costlier noncarbon energy, such as solar, more competitive.

    A Darker Future For Us

  • Shifting subsidies from carbon-based to noncarbon-based fuels.

    Policy responses to climate change

  • Late last week he said he could perhaps support more U.S. energy exploration, so long as it was part of a larger "bipartisan" deal that presumably includes more rules for conservation, subsidies for noncarbon fuels, and other favorites of his green backers.

    Obama's Drill Bit

  • Shifting subsidies from carbon-based to noncarbon-based fuels.

    Economics of climate change


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