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  • adj. Not classified or not subject to classification.


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non- +‎ classified


  • From its inception, DARPA funded long-term nonclassified IT research in academia, even during several wars, to leverage all the best minds.

    An Endless Frontier Postponed

  • In September 1971, Malek was put in charge of a White House effort to close down leaks to reporters of nonclassified material from the administration.

    Fred Malek: It's not the 'Jew-counting,' it's the deception

  • Typically, new hires work on nonclassified items until their employers secure their clearances.

    Defense Executives Hired

  • The State Department terminated a nonclassified MVM contract guarding the U.S. embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2005, citing inadequate personnel in that case as well.

    Iraq Case Sheds Light

  • In recent days, some Republican lawmakers have called for a review of the process that created the NIE, a nonclassified version of which was released last week.

    Business as Usual

  • National Intelligence Estimate, a nonclassified version of which was released last week.

    Group Says Iran Resumed Weapon Program

  • Their verdict issued today in the form of a long-awaited national intelligence estimate, NIE, a nonclassified summary stating that Iraq is increasingly polarized.

    CNN Transcript Feb 2, 2007

  • None of it was classified, but all of it reflected the most plausible current nonclassified information he could obtain.

    Will Iran Be Next?

  • In 2002, as the real invasion of Iraq drew near, Gardiner worked as a private citizen to develop nonclassified simulations of the situation that would follow the fall of Baghdad.

    Will Iran Be Next?

  • The two floors of upstairs offices were for nonclassified operations such as finance, human resources, and monitoring the mainstream press for possible hot buttons.

    Mission Of Honor


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