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  • adj. Not of or pertaining to a classroom.


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non- +‎ classroom


  • The plan, being discussed at the highest levels of the Legislature and with aides to Bloomberg, would grant the mayor the right to fire between 2,000 to 4,000 nonclassroom teachers -- including all those who formerly languished in the notorious "rubber room" under disciplinary charges.

    Bloomberg's Secret Plan To Fire Bad Teachers

  • Some professors argue they need Fridays for nonclassroom work, and while Mr. Rocklin hopes the change can cut into three-day weekends, he says that "I don't have any illusions -- this won't be a silver bullet."

    Curbing Student Drinking

  • Under the agreement with the United Federation of Teachers, most of the teachers will be given administrative or nonclassroom work while their cases are pending.

    Brandon Sun Online - Top Stories

  • Instead of going to rubber rooms, most teachers awaiting disciplinary hearings will now perform administrative work in department offices or nonclassroom work in their schools.

    Brandon Sun Online - Top Stories

  • While historically union contracts made it difficult to dismiss ineffective and inappropriate teachers and were largely to blame for the existence of ubber rooms in the first place, according to an AP report, the city announced today that it had come to an agreement with the teachers 'union to handle "administrative or nonclassroom work."


  • Another 50 nonclassroom jobs will be eliminated to bring the district closer to the state-proposed and General Assembly - supported cap for non-instructional support staff and administrators.

    The Shad Plank

  • "That includes late night, early morning, larger classes, appropriating space not in use or being used for nonclassroom activities, online -- you name it." Top Stories

  • Those areas were instructional and noninstructional staffing, nonclassroom programs, and instructional programs.

    News for Richmond Times-Dispatch

  • Some districts find nonclassroom work for teachers accused of misconduct.

  • This year, we are focusing on schoolwide and nonclassroom systems. - NEWS


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