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  • adj. Not clustered


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  • The other indexes are called nonclustered indexes.

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  • In SQL Server 2012, the ColumnStore index is always nonclustered.

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  • It is common practice to leave the fill factor for nonclustered indexes at the default setting.

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  • When DBCC DBREINDEX rebuilds a nonclustered index, DBCC DBREINDEX puts on a shared table lock, which prevents all but SELECT operations from being performed on it.

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  • Had the corruption been in a nonclustered index, we could just drop and recreate it. Articles

  • Watching the forwarded_record_count column of sys. dm_db_index_physical_stats can be a good method to help you find those nonclustered indexes that may not be internally or externally fragmented but may have large numbers of forwarded records that you need to clean up by rebuilding the index.

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  • A forwarded record count takes place when you have a heap and a nonclustered index.

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  • Sounds like overkill for changing a col from NOT NULL to NULL, until you think about an alter procedure to change a primary key from nonclustered to clustered.

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  • The alter procedure first has to save the FK properties that are dependent on the PK, drop the FKs, drop the PK constraint, drop the existing clustered index, recreate the PK as clustered, create the other formerly clustered index as nonclustered, then rebuild the dropped FKs.

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  • If all of the errors that CheckDB picks up are in the nonclustered indexes, the recommended repair level will be Repair_Rebuild. Articles


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