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  • adj. Not coastal.


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non- +‎ coastal


  • She said the commission also hopes to reach an agreement with the Chinese bank regulator on giving Taiwanese banks "preferential treatment" that would allow them to set up branches faster in some noncoastal Chinese cities.

    Taiwan Seeks Bigger Role for Its Banks in China

  • The warmest period of the Holocene for noncoastal areas (accompanied by significantly greater precipitation) occurred between 6,000 and 4,500 years BP, with notable secondary warming events occurring at about 3,500 and 1,000 years BP [52].

    Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic

  • We've found that those from rural/noncoastal areas find real estate here expensive.

    Houses in Lake Cjhapala

  • The property, which sleeps 6, is a self-catering annexe of the owner's larger house, and together they stand in four acres - good for a noncoastal stroll.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • Many noncoastal outposts in the states have long hankered for a visit from The Knife, and I'm quite certain others out there join me in believing that the theatrical Swedish brother-sister duo would be the perfect musical headliner for True/False. stories

  • Yet Congress, being Congress, is incapable of designing even a marginally efficient system -- and given environmental politics and state carbon realities, the losers will be concentrated in noncoastal regions that rely most on coal and manufacturing.


  • Cliff Craig, an agent from Amarillo, will represent noncoastal residents. Chronicle

  • Much of the humor comes from a proudly noncoastal dissonance between the media's slickness and the mundanity of average American life: the headline "That One Chinese Place Closes," beneath a photograph of a generic Chinese restaurant with its gate down, will ring painfully true in many parts of the country.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Huntsman said Obama's administration would be wise to listen to the WGA because its 19 states are responsible for 94 percent of the country's noncoastal oil reserves, 66 percent of its coal reserves and 100 percent of its installed solar generation.

  • It is divided into three groups: northern, which covers most of China north of the Yangtze; southern, which is centered along the Yangtze basin between Nanking and Wuhan; and southwestern, which is spoken in the noncoastal provinces south of the Yangtze and in the southern half of Szechwan.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XII No 1


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