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  • adj. That does not code for protein.


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  • The new genome sequence revealed that many of those RNAs are regulatory molecules known as noncoding RNAs.

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  • The genomes of vertebrates, flies, and nematodes contain highly conserved noncoding elements (CNEs).

    Behe, Common Descent, & UD

  • He claims that some highly conserved noncoding elements in animals contradict evolution.

    Behe, Common Descent, & UD

  • This instance involved a mechanism or pathway that seems difficult to some, namely the random appearance of an open reading frame in an otherwise noncoding segment of DNA via judicious appearance of translation start and stop codons.

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  • A knowledge of mutation rates in noncoding freely evolving DNA and the sequences of chimps and humans should be enough.

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  • Of course, the uncomfortable part of their position is that some noncoding DNA unarguably *IS* junk, like broken genes and viral insertions.

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  • The matches represent more than 5.5% of all the conserved noncoding sequence, he and his colleagues reported online 23 April in the Proceedings of the

    Controlled Pathways

  • Michele Clamp et al., “Distinguishing protein-coding and noncoding genes in the human genome,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 104 2007, 19428–33.

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  • The filtering step removes SNPs already cataloged in the database (and thus considered too common to be the root cause of a rare genetic disorder), those found in HapMap individuals, and SNPs in noncoding (junk) DNA.

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  • In these posts awhile back, PTer Art Hunt explained that T-urf13 is an example of not just a new gene evolving from noncoding DNA – but it appears to be an example of an oligomeric protein complex, with the function of being a regulated ion channel, evolving from noncoding DNA.

    Hunter vs. Hunt on Turf-13 - The Panda's Thumb


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