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  • adj. Not coercive; free of coercion


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non- +‎ coercive


  • At a North Carolina facility shared with Wake Forest University, Jentsch works with a colony of more than 450 vervet monkeys in what he described as noncoercive and painless memory tests,

    Primates in the News

  • Interrogation techniques will be limited to those in the Army Field Manual or that are "noncoercive," which suggests more constrained than a big-city police department.

    The War on Terror Is Over

  • To make this ruling, the vice chancellor would also have had to find that the iBasis's board was not a reasonable response to the KPN "noncoercive" tender offer under the Unocal standard.


  • To make this ruling, the vice chancellor would have had to find that KPN has followed the Pure Resources-Siliconix standard for making a "noncoercive" tender offer freezing out minority shareholders.


  • In a situation like this one in which market forces can fully act (or at least Vice Chancellor Strine can claim that this is the case if he finds the tender offer to be "noncoercive"), he was likely going to say that the pill was not a reasonable response.


  • The breakthrough that nailed Zarqawi was the patient noncoercive interrogation of a Sunni insurgent who eventually told his American interrogators that the best way to find the al-Qaeda leader was by tracking his “spiritual advisor,” a man who would change cars several times before meeting with Zarqawi and who would invariably use a blue car just before the meeting took place.

    The Longest War

  • As he appeared to be drawing down a curtain on the “war on terror,” Obama ordered the Guantánamo prison to be closed within a year, officially ended the use of secret prisons by the CIA, and required all interrogations to follow the noncoercive methods of the Army field manual.

    The Longest War

  • If SAGE is serious about helping people who need and want their services, they can provide noncoercive drop-in and outreach services under the decriminalization of prostitution.

    Post from Robyn Few of Sex Workers Outreach Project. « Bound, Not Gagged

  • He suggests that this vision of the noncoercive nature of market interactions is what should be used to defend free markets, rather than their ability to improve the standard of living.

    Economic Education, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • All other noncoercive rights, such as the right to own property, voluntary trade, pursue happiness, etc., are derived from this fundamental right.

    European Human Rights Court and Individual Rights


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