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  • adjective That cannot be exchanged for cash, or used as a payment


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  • According to Galbraith, the tool being proposed would make it possible to view current unrecoverable JavaScript objects, known as "the heap," along with the ability to determine why they are "noncollectable," as well as providing the opportunity to understand when collection starts and finishes, and by extension, how long it is taking.

    Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community

  • Instead of disallowing the super-leveraged, and noncollectable derivative investments to sink the banks - and putting the fraudsters in jail for deliberately making fraudulent assessments of their own collateral, he has continued the Bush friendly-to-bank policies endorsed by Goldman alums, eliminating moral hazard and making the next crash not only guaranteed, but guaranteed to be bigger and more unstoppable.

    Making our own money: Returning to the constitution

  • By the time the jury returned an adverse verdict, it was summer and I'd already "billed" an astonishing 2,000 noncollectable hours on the case that had now become an embarrassment to anyone involved in it. News

  • Federal law allows creditors to declare noncollectable debts as a charge off, or business loss after the debts are 180 days past due.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • The job load for collection agencies is on a upward trend and expected to continue on that trend as companies not only try to collect fresh debt but are now digging deeper into there files and seeking monetization of older debt that up to this point has been noncollectable.

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  • So let's issue a check from Treasury to individual homeowners to erase all noncollectable mortgage debt; or actually issue a check payable to the mortgage creditor for the benefit of the mortgage debtor.

    Financial Sector and Stocks Analysis from Seeking Alpha

  • However, red light cameras exist to collect revenue that is otherwise noncollectable without regard for safety.

    The Colorado Index

  • With hundreds of thousands of noncollectable debt sold to junk debt buyers, you almost certain to receive few more collection calls from different bill collectors, even though you have already settled the debt with the original creditor or another bill collector.

    Bad Credit Advisor


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