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  • n. One who is not a communist.


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non- +‎ communist


  • Minh described his group as '' noncommunist '' rather than '' anticommunist '', which Minh described as an important distinction.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • In August 1989, Tadeusz Mazowiecki became the first noncommunist prime minister of postwar Poland.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • Underscoring the interdependence of the world societies and economies, oil-importing nations in the noncommunist industrial world saw sudden inflation and economic recession.

    Printing: On The Way To Copenhagen We Added A World Food Crisis

  • He also stressed the successful containment of communism achieved in the outcome of the 1954 war: the creation of two Vietnams, an independent noncommunist South Vietnam backed by the United States, not the French, and a communist Vietnam in the north.

    Going Home to Glory

  • In the Greater Middle East, noncommunist regimes have suppressed the very basic rights of women.

    The Coming Revolution

  • Poland soon boasted the first noncommunist government in the Soviet bloc, sending shock waves across the region and straight to the Kremlin.

    The Berlin Wall Fell Later

  • During the recent plenum, Hu held high-profile consultations with noncommunist officials and members of eight small "democratic" parties.

    China and the Fights Within its Single Party

  • But the American Left did not want a noncommunist Southeast Asia to endure as a monument to Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

    John F. Kerry, Historian and Moralist

  • So did George Willner, a Communist agent representing screenwriters, who sold out his noncommunist clients by deliberately neglecting to shop their stories.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Two months later, the first noncommunist government in Eastern Europe since the 1940s took office in Warsaw.

    'High Noon' for Freedom


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